Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Renovation

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Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Renovation

Based on how much time we spend in our bathrooms, we can all agree that they don’t get enough attention. But starting on a bathroom renovation journey can be stressful for many homeowners. It’s a challenging task, especially for new homeowners who don’t have the slightest idea of where to start. But creating a functional bathroom that works for your family is an important reason to consider a renovation. Here are the important reasons to consider a bathroom renovation.

1. Make the bathroom more functional

If you have a poorly designed bathroom, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. A bathroom remodel can give you a functional layout, putting your bathroom’s most used features in the easiest to reach places.

To make the bathroom more functional, we recommend that you:

  • Design the layout with all major items against the wall to leave as much space as possible in the center. Even a small bathroom can feel spacious if it’s designed properly.
  • Ensure you have sufficient outlets for your hairdryer, mirrors and other electric items you regularly use. If you share your bathroom with your spouse, then remember to install outlets on both sides of the vanity.

Designing your bathroom based on its use can be the difference between a nice looking bathroom and a practical bathroom.

2. Need more storage

Do you lack storage space to put items when you aren’t using them? Do you have a place to store clean towels and toiletries? If you have a bathroom with little to no closet space, this may be a good reason to start a bathroom renovation project. Once you have enough storage space, you won’t need to stack your towels on the back of the toilet. The perfect bathroom provides ample storage space while also giving you more room to breathe.

So where can you add more storage?

  • In the Shower – If you are updating your shower, add recessed areas to hold shampoo, soap and other items you use in the shower. You can slot one between the studs, or you can invest in a precast niche to tile over. Make sure that the fitting is big enough to hold all of your necessary shower products.
  • In the Vanity – You can pick a vanity from standard stock or have it custom built. But the choice will depend on style and the amount of space you have. A custom vanity will allow you to select materials and a custom size to fit a specific space. If you go the standard stock route, there are many nice ready-made options available. This can be an easier decision and can be a less expensive option.
  • On Your Walls – There’s a lot you can do with the walls in your bathroom. Place floating shelves, a big mirror cabinet, several towel racks and hooks and a built-in linen closet. Choose what you need based on your style and the space you have.

3. Increase property value

Renovating your bathroom can increase your property value. You may not think seriously about the state your master bathroom is in, but when you go out to sell your house, buyers will notice it. A bathroom remodeling project could enhance the home’s value by more than $10,000! Whether you’re planning to sell your property or not, having a modern, updated bathroom is something you should invest in.

If you have an old bathroom that is dated and not functional, you should consider a remodel. Old-style linoleum may not look the same as it did a few years ago. Generally, bathrooms are the last rooms people choose to update. But, once you update a bathroom, you will ask why you waited so long.

4. Improve the plumbing

Many professionals refer to the plumbing of a bathroom as something that holds the bathroom design together. It keeps everything sailing smoothly for you. When the you begin to get issues with your plumbing, you might not notice it right away. A slow leak may not be obvious until you start to see damage in the ceiling below. Make sure that all plumbing fixtures installed are up-to-date to prevent any major leaks, ruined walls, and electrical safety issues from occurring.

5. Make your bathroom safer

No one wants to think about getting older, but it is inevitable. If you are remodeling your bathroom, it’s a good time to install safety features. Adding a bar in the shower, replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower, or adding an accessible toilet that is taller than standard can create a comfortable bathroom space for everyone.

Another safety issue is not having grounded electrical outlets. If you live in an older house, the electric outlets may not be up to current building codes. Since this offers a health hazard, the situation needs to be addressed.

6. Tile is worn out

Over time you’ll notice that the tiles in your bathroom are getting worn. Everyday wear and tear or just simply chips, cracks and damage caused by dropping things on the floor will cause your tile to look deteriorated. A bathroom remodel gives you the opportunity to pick a tile that is attractive but has strength and durability.

7. More energy efficient

Although most homeowners won’t consider this reason when deciding to renovate their bathroom, it is an opportunity to take advantage of advancements in technology to improve energy-efficiency. Improvements in lighting fixtures, low flow toilets and water saving fixtures are simple and quick updates can do wonders when it comes to saving money and decreasing your environmental footprint. New windows that improve ventilation while sealing out the cold air can help with cooling or heating the room.

8. Improve lighting

Lighting is one of the most important, and often overlooked, components of a well-designed bathroom. Good bathroom lighting needs to be flexible to accommodate people are getting ready for the day or winding down at night. The layout of your bathroom and whether you have natural light coming through windows will determine how to add lighting to achieve the desired effect at every corner of the room.

It is better to add more lighting, layering it as necessary, to provide the right amount of light you need in your bathroom. Then add dimmers to control how much you need at any time.

9. Or you just want to

Maybe you just want to renovate your bathroom because you’ve grown tired of the current design and want a change. If you do decide to remodel, make sure you are including some of the above benefits of remodeling so that it adds value to your home.


Recognizing the signs that your bathroom is due for a renovation is the first step towards creating a space that aligns with your style and preferences. Whether it’s outdated fixtures, persistent issues, or simply a desire for a fresh and modern look, renovating your bathroom can enhance this essential space while adding value to your home. Contact us if you want to discuss your bathroom renovation project.

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